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      Sensory Processing Disorders
      Evaluation and Treatment of Sensory Processing Disorders
      Locations in Chicago & Westmont, IL

      Sensory Processing Disorder Specialist Chicago and Westmont IL

      At Midwest Wellness Center Associates, we understand that navigating the complexities of sensory processing disorders (SPD) can be challenging. Our team of leading psychiatrists in Chicago and Westmont is committed to providing top-notch mental health services, ensuring a comprehensive approach to individuals struggling with sensory processing challenges.

      Before we discuss how we can help, it’s important to better understand SPD, including its causes, signs, and symptoms, and how our esteemed center can make a difference in your journey toward sensory wellness.

      If you would like to learn more about treatment options for sensory processing disorders, please call (630) 496-5368 for our Westmont location or (773) 900-8781 for our Chicago location. We have helped many patients in the Illinois area find answers and symptom relief.

      What are Sensory Processing Disorders?

      Sensory Processing Disorders refer to difficulties in organizing and making sense of information that comes in through the senses.

      For some individuals, the world can feel overwhelming, and seemingly ordinary sensory stimuli may lead to intense reactions. This condition can affect people of all ages and is not limited to a specific demographic.

      SPD manifests in various ways, impacting how individuals perceive and respond to sensory input such as touch, sound, taste, smell, and sight.

      At Midwest Wellness Center Associates, we recognize the diversity of sensory challenges and tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each individual.

      What Causes Sensory Processing Disorders?

      The exact causes of SPD remain elusive, as it is a complex condition influenced by a combination of genetic, neurological, and environmental factors. Research suggests that certain risk factors, such as premature birth or a family history of sensory issues, may contribute to the development of SPD.

      Additionally, neurological differences in how the brain processes sensory information can play a significant role. At Midwest Wellness Center Associates, our team of experienced psychiatrists utilizes cutting-edge diagnostic tools to identify the underlying causes of SPD in order to develop personalized treatment plans.

      What are Signs of Sensory Processing Disorders?

      Recognizing the signs and symptoms of SPD is critical for early intervention and effective treatment. Common indicators may include:

      • Over-Responsiveness: Heightened sensitivity to stimuli, leading to strong reactions like discomfort, anxiety, or irritability.
      • Under-Responsiveness: Diminished response to sensory input, resulting in a lack of awareness or responsiveness to environmental cues.
      • Sensory Seeking Behaviors: Intense cravings for certain sensory experiences, such as excessive movement or touch.
      • Difficulty with Transitions: Challenges in adapting to changes in routine or environment.
      • Motor Coordination Issues: Difficulty with fine and gross motor skills.
      • Social and Emotional Challenges: Struggles in social interactions or emotional regulation.

      Our team at Midwest Wellness Center Associates has the expertise to conduct thorough assessments, identify specific sensory challenges, and tailor interventions to address the unique needs of each individual.

      How can Midwest Wellness Center and Associates Help?

      Midwest Wellness Center Associates is renowned as a top mental health clinic in Illinois, offering comprehensive services to address sensory processing disorders. Our multidisciplinary team comprises leading psychiatrists in Chicago and Westmont, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care.

      • Personalized Assessments
        Our physicians conduct thorough assessments to understand the individual's sensory profile, identifying specific challenges and strengths.
      • Customized Treatment Plans
        We develop personalized treatment plans that incorporate evidence-based interventions, therapeutic activities, and support strategies to address sensory processing difficulties.
      • Collaborative Approach
        At Midwest Wellness Center Associates, we believe in a collaborative approach. Our team works closely with individuals, families, and other healthcare professionals to ensure a holistic and integrated approach to care.
      • Cutting-Edge Therapies
        We stay at the forefront of innovative therapies and interventions, utilizing the latest research to enhance the effectiveness of our treatment modalities.
      • Supportive Environment
        Our clinic provides a warm and welcoming environment where individuals feel safe and supported throughout their sensory wellness journey.

      If you or a loved one is struggling with sensory processing challenges, Midwest Wellness Center Associates is here to guide you. As leaders in the field, we are dedicated to empowering individuals to overcome sensory obstacles and achieve optimal well-being.

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      Call today to discuss your SPD treatment options and schedule a consultation! Call (630) 496-5368 for our Westmont location or (773) 900-8781 for our Chicago location.

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