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At Midwest Wellness Center Associates Ltd., we take special care in helping children and adults of all ages who suffer from mental, emotional, relationship, or learning problems.  If you struggle with one of the situations or emotions listed below, we can provide the psychotherapy or psychiatric treatment you need for a fully functioning life. Give yourself and your children the best possible chance for happiness and achievement.

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Psychotherapy and Medication for Anxiety

Does extreme worry interfere with your sleep or social life? You might have heard about several different kinds of Anxiety – the generalized type where you worry all the time, or the specific phobia type, like fear of snakes, heights, crowds, or giving presentations at school or work.  Maybe you get anxious taking tests, leaving your house, going to parties, going to school, or even going to the grocery store.  Whatever type you have, anxiety can be treated with psychotherapy that helps you learn to confront the feeling, respond differently, and have greater confidence.  Anxiety can also be treated with medication if your symptoms are severe.  You’ll get the treatment you need at Midwest Wellness Center Associates Ltd.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Treatment

Having trouble with focusing, concentration, or impulsivity?  Some problems with following directions, saying on task, and acting without thinking can be due to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a problem often diagnosed in children, but adults who have a hard time being productive at work or maintaining an orderly home can also have ADHD.  Medication can be a big help, along with counseling to learn different attention management skills, and providing your child with accurate recommendations for accommodations at school. If you think you or your child might have ADHD, come on in and let’s make certain so the right treatment plan can be devised for you or your child so that they can succeed and achieve up to their potential.

Kids & Parents Dealing with Autism

Is your child hyper-sensitive to touch or sound?  Autism isn’t the only reason your child might be bothered by certain clothing, loud noises, bright lights, and such.  Does your child have a Sensory Processing Disorder?  If your child seems to withdraw into a world of his or her own more often than not, or has trouble communicating his or her needs like other kids, you might be doing him or her a favor to have a careful and expert evaluation done.  We can help you with that, and provide a treatment plan designed to maximize your child’s potential.

Help for Bipolar Disorder

Do you cycle from being elated, to feeling too defeated to move? Maybe you are making risky or irrational decisions or people are telling you your thoughts are a distortion of reality?  Perhaps your perceptions are negative most of the time and you feel unable to be hopeful or see the good possibilities in front of you – until suddenly the blanket of despair lifts and you feel so good it’s like life is running away with you.  Bipolar Disorder has these faces, and more.  A treatment combination of medication and psychotherapy can help you even out the highs and lows so you can enjoy a productive, rather than destructive life.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) takes a problem-focused, goal-oriented approach to examining how your thoughts create your feelings and motivate your actions. In this approach to psychotherapy, thoughts and beliefs that are distorted or dysfunctional are traced so you can learn where your difficult emotions originate and how thoughts and feelings combine to prompt behaviors that are ineffective in getting your needs met.  At Midwest Wellness Center Associates Ltd, we find CBT very useful, and you can expect to have CBT exercises or assignments to complete between appointments.

Couples Counseling for Fiancés, Spouses, and Life Partners

Is your significant other relationship full of strife? Relationships are hard in the best of times.  After the bloom wears off, they take ongoing work, open communication, and careful listening – skills that not everyone learns growing up. If you and your spouse, fiancé, or life partner are constantly arguing about little things, feeling unappreciated or betrayed, or shut down emotionally with each other, Couples Counseling can help you rescue your relationship. We’d like to help you do that.

Therapy & Medication for Depression

Does it take too much energy to participate in daily life? Are you feeling unable to help yourself cope, or so hopeless about changing your circumstances that you don’t know how you can go on? Depression debilitates mind, body, and spirit, and is difficult to overcome on your own.  Depression can be treated with psychotherapy that helps you feel hopeful and capable again and can be treated with medication if your symptoms are chronic.  You will get the treatment you need at Midwest Wellness Center Associates Ltd.

Working with Developmental Delays

Have you noticed that your young child seems behind in motor, speech, or cognitive skills, when compared to other kids his or her age?  Are their social interactions, emotions, or behaviors not as advanced as their peers? There can be several reasons for all these things that could fall under the umbrella of Developmental Delay, including a premature birth, a neurological injury or condition, or other possibilities.  If you are concerned about your preschooler’s development, we can provide you with the evaluation and treatment plan needed to ease your mind and help your child succeed.

Treatment for Eating Disorders

Trying to control stress or bad feelings with food? Whether you overeat, under-nourish, or binge and purge, if you are using food and eating behaviors to respond to your stress, numb or improve your feelings, you might have an Eating Disorder.  You might not know it yet, but food and eating play a powerful role in your life and can be a main source of stress or a reflection of how you feel about yourself and your ability to be in charge of your own life. If you are micromanaging what and how you eat, or if you are out of control with food, Midwest Wellness Center Associates Ltd. can help. Eating disorders can be dangerous. Call us today and let’s team up to get this turned around.

Expressive Arts Therapy Helps Work with Difficult Emotions

Children who are too young to articulate what they feel can share their experiences more easily through Expressive Art Therapy.   Adolescents who have been suppressing feelings for a long time, or are in such a confusing swirl of emotions that talking about them is difficult, often find expressive art therapy to be a very productive form of treatment.  Don’t worry -- even if you draw stick figures, art therapy doesn’t judge your creative ability. Instead, the visual story you compose enables you to gain new insights about your experiences and your distress.  Whether in your individual session or in a group setting, art therapy assists in healing by unlocking what you may not have been able to give voice to before. Ask our psychotherapist if expressive art therapy would be helpful for you.

Life Transitions Counseling for Grief, Divorce, Relocation, and More

Going through an unusually rough time right now and want to talk it out? Maybe you’ve recently lost a loved one, and you’re feeling overwhelmed with grief, lonely or disoriented. Perhaps you’ve just relocated or immigrated to this area and are finding it challenging to acculturate. Maybe it’s some other life event –divorce, returning home from the military, getting fired, breaking up with a significant other etc. – that is turning your world upside down. You don’t need to go through this alone. Life Transitions Counseling can help you get your bearings, see your options, and feel good about your next steps.

Prescription, Review & Management of Psychiatric Medications

Do you feel like you might need a medical approach to dealing with your emotions?  Are you working with a psychotherapist or primary care physician who wants you to consider psychiatric medications like anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications?  Has a teacher suggested you explore medication to help your child with an attention or behavior problems? At Midwest Wellness Center Associates Ltd, we value careful listening as you talk about what has been bothering you.  We’ll work with you to decide which medication is right for you or if you need medication at all.   We collaborate with other providers in a team approach to ensure you get the best help possible.

Parenting / Single Parenting is a Top Stressor

Are the kids driving you nuts with disrespect and refusing to cooperate? Are you feeling the tensions of a blended family?  Perhaps you suspect your kids are getting bullied. Maybe your teen is getting into trouble with authorities or you’re a single parent getting pulled in too many directions. Parenting is filled with stress and many parent-child relationships go for years mired in silent resentment or angry unhappiness. If that sounds familiar, we’d like to help you figure out how to improve communication, and restore the joys of being a parent.

Play Therapy for Children

Children often process their feelings through play. What can look to parents like the mimicking of cartoons or stories read, or like fanciful imagination, can be filled with clues to how a distressed child is trying to make sense of their experience or be rid of their unhappy emotions.  In Play Therapy, the psychotherapist is able to bond with young children in a natural way, while carefully observing clues to trauma, worry, sadness, and more.  We look forward to helping your child become the happy, confident kid she or he is meant to be with Play Therapy.

Healing from Post Traumatic Stress

Finding it difficult to shake off the effects of a recent trauma? Bad things happen when we’re least expecting them to and many people suffer nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, insomnia, depression and other symptoms as the mind tries to process the experience.  Coping mechanisms like having a drink or two can be overused and add to the problem. The body can get stuck in a flood of fright / flight / freeze biochemicals keeping you on constant, heightened alert. Post-Traumatic Stress can be successfully treated with a combination of psychotherapy techniques and medication.  If you need it, we can prescribe medication to help reset your biochemistry.

School Psychiatry / Learning Disorders Accommodations

Children who are having a difficult time learning or who have repeated behavioral problems in the classroom, at recess, or in school sports are often referred for evaluation.  If your child needs evaluation for accommodations for tests or homework due to a learning disorder, we can do that for you.  If you child or teen is disruptive in class, endangered by bullies, or bullying others, he or she may be referred for psychiatric evaluation, medication management, and psychotherapy. Midwest Wellness Center Associates Ltd. can provide you with each part of this process to get your child what they need to change unacceptable behavior or performance into success.

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